Tales of Bittersweet Loyalty

Contributors & Allegiances

We realize there’s nothing more frustrating than reading an article and not knowing the personal biases of the writer.  To remedy that, we’re openly admitting who we love.  This way, you’ll never have to guess that it’s a Bears fan ripping the Packers, or a Celtics fan downplaying Kobe’s achievements.  You’ll also notice that we are far from filling in the gaps, and that’s where you are needed.  We’re actively looking for new writers to bring attention to different regions and sports, so if you have something you’re passionate about, contact us at submissions@perfectingtheupset.com.

Rahat Ahmed (editor-in-chief)
George “Pancho” Baldwin
Shaughn Balezentes
Rob Boylan
Nick Britton
Marcus Bui
Thang Cao
Doug Chau
Andy Comeaux
C.D. Hale
Andrew Feingold
Bradley Freedman
Ethan Kim
Sean Koo
Abigail Meisterman
Masahito Ogasawara
Evan Solomon
Sreesha Vaman