Tales of Bittersweet Loyalty

Who We Are

“Why do you care about something that you can’t control?” This line, spoken to me by someone I once held dear, has always stuck with me through my sports obsessions.  Over time, I came to realize that in a world of cynicism and disloyalty, there was something in believing in these people, these teams that tested your faith in humanity.  This was a kind of tangible religion that we could deconstruct and participate in while having the luxury of receiving both instant gratification upon victories and crushing heartbreaks after defeats.  The teams we love, grow up with, they become part of us.  They become family.  A brother you never had, a sister you love as much as your own blood.  Sports gives us villains, drama and a neverending stream of twists and turns that keeps us at the edge of our seat.  So, even when we wake up the next morning with the same problems we’ve had the day before, at least we can look forward to cheering on those who we think are the good guys, the ones who’ll save that day.

On Perfecting the Upset

Everyone believes in miracles whether they admit it or not.  And for a sports fan, miracles happen when someone pulls off the perfect upset: That team nobody saw coming against the team who we thought would take it all.  It’s even better when the pre-anointed are at the top of their game.  Think Mutombo on the floor.  Think Valvano running onto the court in bewilderment.  Think the Miracle on Ice.  Think Buster and Tyson.  These are the kinds of moments that define some of us, giving us hope and inspiration in ways that the world wouldn’t normally afford.  That is why, at the core of every sports fan, nothing satisfies us more.  Winning a championship?  Fine.  But winning against a greater opponent?  In a storybook manner?  That is our Cinderella.  That is our Prince Charming.  That is what keeps us believing through thick and thin.

Who Are You?

There is no benefit in us telling you the latest happenings.  With Twitter, breaking news has become a thing of the past.  You are here because you want to feel something.  You want articles that have heart, soul.  You want people to dig deep and exert both happiness and anger about their favorite and most hated teams.  You want honesty.  You want a site that has no corporate linkages, isn’t censored, doesn’t believe that the casual fan is any less than the die-hard.  You appreciate the beauty of sport, whether you watch it or play it.  You believe that every sport can be beautiful.  You want to identify with others.  You don’t want detachment: You want the bias, the anger, the hate that flares up inside someone who is passionate.  You want to take in our tales of bittersweet loyalty and then share some of your very own.  Who are you?  You are one of us.

Welcome to Perfecting the Upset.  Spread the word.  We’re here because you wanted it.  We look forward to serving you well.

—Rahat Ahmed, Editor-in-Chief


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